Sustainably Minded Shoes

Alohas: On-demand ordering means Alohas avoids over production cutting down on waste entering the fashion market. Each shoe is handmade in Spain where the headquarters are located allowing the company to cut down on carbon emissions.

Loci: Every pair of Loci shoes saves 20 plastic bottles from entering our oceans and landfills, allowing us to create sustainable luxury and create a better lifestyle for future generations.  For every pair sold 10 % of the profits are donated to wild life nonprofit organizations.

Saye: Organic, recyclable, and vegan sneakers. Each shoes goes under strict processes including traceability, accountability and responsibility. Meaning that every single material Saye uses has been created and tested with the wearer, the artisans, and of course, the environment in mind.

Sylven: Launched in 2017,  Sylven was based on craftsmanship, design, and mission. A sustainable brand that combines the founders affinities for both fashion and sustainability. The founder has spent the past fifteen years working in the fashion and retail industries within a variety of emerging shoe and accessory brands.

Veja: Since 2004, Veja has been applying fair trade principles on the ground. In other words, they work directly with producers and cut out the middleman. Each piece is made from vegan leather or organic cotton eliminating materials and chemicals that can be harmful to our environment.

Vivaia: Founded with a mission to create stylish and sustainable footwear that is eco-friendly and responsible. Vivaia is a line of luxurious and fashion-forward footwear with exceptional quality and at a fair price .

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