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I spend a lot of time on the website Garmentory not only looking for clothing, but also discovering new locally owned stores. I love shopping from local stores because I have found some really incredible brands that are not represented by the larger online retailers. And is there anything better than finding a new brand that you feel a connection with?

Support “local”

Even though the world has reopened at this point and customers can start going back into stores, it is still critical we continue supporting local retailers from wherever you are. I have said this before on this blog but I have a tremendous amount of respect for those who open up a retail space. The incredible amount of work that goes into curating your store and finding brands that you can, and want to, support is exhausting just thinking about it. Even if you cannot visit these stores in person you should “visit” them online and maybe you’ll discover a new favorite.

“Local” stores with a great selection: 

Beigelr (Little Rock, Arkansas): A perfectly curated mix of pieces that go with everything and you will keep forever.

Jake and Jones (Santa Barbara, California): I have discovered so many cool brands through this store. If you want something unique and beautiful this is the place.

Sunday Shop (New Orleans, Louisiana): A home store that stocks gorgeous and unique home goods.

The most beautiful thing in the world is (Cincinnati, Ohio): A go-to for smaller brands that make a statement.

No. 6 store (New York, NY): Everything in this store is feels very cool. The brands and perfectly curated selection is outstanding.

Hampden Clothing (Charleston, South Carolina): Everything and anything you will ever need for whatever life presents you. I adore the selection. In particular, the special occasion dresses. I really want somewhere to go that I can wear one of these beauties.

Shirtini (Charleston, South Carolina): This store specializes in one thing; beautifully made white button down shirts. I’m always supporting local stores especially with perfect white button down. It’s the backbone to my closet and this store carries the best ones around.

Frances May (Portland, Oregon): There is an effortless cool about the items in this store. The selection is very Portland, meaning everything takes no effort to put on and yet it is all well thought out.




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