Friday Five: La Dolce Vita

Every Friday Five starts with a muse. Something I see, hear or read that inspires me to create an outfit based on the feelings that pieces conjures up. This week I was browsing through Slim Aarons books online and I encountered this one about Italian living and style. Immediately I thought about shoes from A di Gaeta and how they encapsulate classic Italian style. There is a sense of confidence in the shoes from this incredibly talented Italian designer that I cannot stop thinking about.

Now, I have been eyeing this coat from Low Classic for a long time. I imagine throwing this on with a turtleneck and feeling like a movie star. Right? I paired this look with a simple, yet classic, pair of black denim (my favorite pair BTW). They fall right above the ankle which is perfect for showing off the boots. And the final piece a leather belt with that classic gold accent. This outfit personifies that feeling you get when you put an outfit on that makes you stand a little straighter, walk into a room with a bit more confidence, and live la dolce vita.

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