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Has anyone else noticed that (designer) tote bags are the latest “it” item? They are getting bigger, come with an insane price tag and everyone wants one. The ever present The Row Margaux is on every fashion persons wish list and I get it. It is very pretty. But, given it costs more than my mortgage I will not possessing this bag anytime soon. The fact is at the end of the day the purpose of a great tote bag is to haul stuff. Which is why I steer clear of the fragility of a designer item and gravitate to a bag that is attractive, functional and wallet friendly.

While researching tote bags I realized that every bag I found was designed by a female-founded company. Why? Because women understand everything you will need to for the day, and the exact design that will carry these items. Women understand the complexities of our lives, and all the things we need to have to make us successful. A giant designer leather bag is absolutely a statement, but does it actually help us stay organized and efficient? I am guessing/certain the answer is no.


  1. The bag brand Bene was founded in 2016 after years of the founder searching for the perfect everyday bag that was both elevated and practical. I love the look of this ladylike bag and the stunning color. You really must check out the silky interior lining. I also find that bags with a slightly more structured top handle hold up best over time.
  2. The brand Oleada was truly started out of necessity. The founders were tired of traveling with work totes that were breaking and making their lives more difficult. Thus, began the design for the “perfect work tote designed by and made for professional women.” I am personally obsessed with this bag and the stunning contrast of the leather to creamy beige body. Also, their very handy guide to the perfect work tote for your needs is genius.
  3. Made in the same atelier as Chloe, Mulberry and The Row, this bag from Parisa Wang has some serious pedigree. It can fit up to a 15′ inch laptop and has multiple pockets for serious organization.
  4. The brand WE-AR4 produces everything in very limited amounts ensuring they do not contribute to fashion waste. I find a bag with a zipper adds some peace of mind, particularly when you are traveling. This bag has a slightly more relaxed look that easily can transition from work to weekend chores.
  5. I will confess that a bag from designer Agnes Baddoo has been on my wishlist for a very long time. Each bag is handcrafted in Los Angeles with the most gorgeous leather. The designer has shown on her instagram how beautifully the bags age and the stunning patina that occurs with the leather. I am particularly fond of the darker brown shade of this bag and how it would stand out in sea of black briefcases and basic work totes.
  6. The tote organizers from Cuyana are the smartest investment you can make. I am not being hyperbolic. These organizers come in a variety of sizes and make a huge difference. I own three different sizes and keep my “I have to have these things everyday to operate” in them so I can leave the house in a morning rush without fearing I forgot something.
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