Sourcing: Silver Shoes

This past week was Copenhagen Fashion Week. Otherwise known as my favorite week of the year. I really try not to pay too much attention to what other people are wearing. Personally, I have to turn inward to put together an outfit as to avoid copying someones else’s look. That being said, when I look at the photo from Copenhagen Fashion I feel inspired to go into my closet and play. Each year there is one thing that is seems to really stand out to me during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Generally it is a particular accessory that people are using to add a little extra to their look. A trend I’ve seen for the past few years is the presence of silver shoes which add that perfect amount of shine.

By no means is adding a silver shoe to a look a new thought. But, for me to buy into something I need to see it repeatedly for a few years styled with a variety of looks. I could spend the rest of my life in jeans and t-shirt and be very happy, which is why a silver shoe really appeals to me. I am always searching for an item that is easy to throw on and take my very casual style to another level.

Before we get to the edit let’s take a look at some of the ways silver shoes are styled with an assortment of looks.


Now, a silver shoe edit for all your needs!


  1. Lisa Says Gah
  2. Autry
  3. Fabio Rusconi
  4. Wales Bonner
  5. Penelope Chilvers
  6. Nomasei
  7. Sophique



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