Yes Please: May 2022

  1. Viky Radar Studio suits has been on my mind for quite awhile. I have been on the hunt for the perfect white suit for way too long and I have finally set my sights on this white cashmere blazer.
  2. Obviously, I need the pants to complete the look. Bonus; the suit is made from deadstock fabric. Honestly, I want everything from Viky Radar Studio.
  3. I have been on the hunt for a new piece of art and this one I found on Saatchi has been on my mind since I discovered it. I cannot explain why I love it so much. I spend A LOT of time on Saatchi Art so when a painting sticks with me I know it is good.
  4. Kinn Studio is one my favorite jewelry brands. The story behind the brand is incredibly heartbreaking. The founders determination to create jewelry to last a lifetime means I know this bracelet is a wise investment.
  5. Oversized gold Celine sunglasses? Yes, please.
  6. I spotted this coat from Rue Mariscal a few months ago and I immediately loved it. My daily style is very much based around jeans and t-shirt so this coat would add a little something, something to the look.
  7. Until now I have been immune to The Row hysteria. Then I spotted these stacked white fisherman sandals and thought, “Well, shit. They got me.”

That’s all for this past month. I am sooo ready for the summer to begin and bookmark the internets best warm weather pieces. 


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