Window Shopping, January 2024

It has been a minute since I rounded up a few things that have caught my attention. I stopped because I felt extremely confused about how to talk about fashion when I have no desire to actually consume fashion. Or, promote others to physically consume fashion. Over the past few years I have noticed that liking fashion has been associated with buying as much as possible as fast as possible. It is why I barely go on Instagram at this point. How can I talk about what I like without negatively impacting someone’s personal style? And more importantly, their bank account.

It feels impossible to talk about items that catch your eye without people recoiling in terror that you are about to repeatedly shove a link down their throat. The concept of sharing for the sake of sharing is gone. It seems we cannot have a conversation about fashion without language like, “Run, don’t walk!” or “Best dupe ever!” and my personal favorite, “New season, new me! What the fashion set is buying this year.” Can we share what has recently sparked a moment of joy without encouraging unnecessary consumption?

Over the last six months I have changed my shopping habits dramatically. I started consuming fashion by just looking at it. That’s right. No purchase necessary. It is the same as walking into an art museum for the sole purpose of being inspired. That is how I am consuming fashion now. I look at it, get inspired by it and move on.

What is Window Shopping? I want this monthly column to be the equivalent of going for a walk with a friend and window shopping together. During the walk you talk about the things that have you’ve enjoyed and look at things that you make you stop for a moment and say, “Oh my gosh, look at that!” It is not about buying things. It is about having a conversation with someone and taking a moment to look at some cool stuff.

If I provide links to items this is not me telling you buy it. Honestly, don’t. If you really love the item save it and revisit it at a later date.

Shall we go for a walk?

  1. Hyer Goods Deadstock Leather Blazer
  2. Commonwealth Provisions Incense
  3. Marianna Deri Skirt
  4. Pierce and Ward Silk Pajamas
  5. Saye Vegan Shoes

I am going to say the disclaimer once more: Please do not think I am trying to sell you stuff. We are simply window shopping together. The links are there to save something if it strikes your fancy. Revisit it at a later date if you really can’t stop thinking about it. We need to learn to appreciate the designers work sans buying it and just move on.


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