Greatest Hit List

Everyday Pieces

T-shirt: I own this t-shirt in all three colors. It has that perfect relaxed fit and looks great even after wearing it for a few days in a row.

Long Sleeve Shirt: I want my long sleeve shirts to be relaxed, yet slightly fitted. Which is a hard thing to find. This is another shirt that I own in multiple colors because it’s that good.

Tank Top: I swear by this tank top. It never stretches out and looks amazing dressed up or down.

Button-Down: For my everyday needs this one is my favorite. My denim go-to is a classic and a great price point. For a good striped button-down I am a fan of this one. Go up one size if you prefer it to be less fitted.

Turtleneck: Full disclosure I hate turtlenecks. That being said; I will wear this one with no problem.

Crewneck Sweater: I recommend ordering your normal size for a more fitted look. Order one size up for a relaxed fit. Either way this is the best crewneck sweater I have ever owned.

Roll Neck Sweater: I stalk this designer and her roll neck sweaters are the best. You can find some amazing deals for her pieces on Bergdorf’s or Neiman Marcus.

Polo Style Sweater: Personally I always size up for this sweater. I think for the price it is a really great find.

Cardigan: I love this cardigan so much. This brand makes a small collection of really amazing pieces.

Blazer: On the higher end you cannot go wrong with this beauty. I generally buy mine on The RealReal or Matches during their pretty epic sale periods. And do not sleep on the blazers from this french brand. A more affordable option is this one which does fit oversized. I finally bought a leather blazer last year and it’s a vibe I am very into.

Denim: Hands down this are the best fitting jeans I’ve ever owned. A close second is this pair that sits just high enough and has that perfect wide leg look. For straight leg I would absolutely say these are the winners. I size up, because they do fit small. This pair of denim is my favorite for something a little different.

Loungewear: My go-to old school favorite is this set. Size up because this brand does shrink in the dryer a bit. I love a good a linen set and this British brand makes the best I’ve found. Now, here is the best year-round “I always feel amazing in this” set.

Let’s Get Dressed Up

Pleated Pants: These pants go with everything. Plus they are insanely comfortable. I would recommend taking your normal size.

Silk Pants: I prefer my silk pants with an elastic waist because it makes them feel more like fancy pj’s that I get to wear in public. Here are my favorite pair ever.

Silk Skirt: By far the most flattering piece of clothing I own.

Silk Dress: Given my aversion to anything form fitting it is truly a testament when I like a silk slip dress. If you prefer a wrap style dress then this one is a winner.

Silk Blouse: Everything from this brand is very good. I’ve tried a lot of silk blouses and this one is the best.

(Fancy) White Button Down: I will be buried in this shirt.

Jumpsuit: It travels well and is comfortable. So yes, it’s perfect.


Work Coat: This is an absolutely fantastic British brand that makes their jackets available in limited edition releases. They have a vintage look and fit perfectly.

Suede Jacket: I have worn this jacket more than any other piece of clothing in my closet.

Tailored Coat: By far the best fit I have ever had was from this one. I will say that I have purchased mine from The RealReal which I highly recommend.

Denim Jacket: I prefer my denim jackets to be oversized and vintage looking. This one fits my needs perfectly.


Tennis Shoes: Straight up I will never say anything different than these classics. Another classic that will never go out style are these ones.

Sandals: I wore these sandals almost everyday this past summer. Another pair that goes with everything and is really comfortable is this one.

Velvet Flats: If I could collect one piece of clothing it would these shoes. This San Francisco based company also makes a great pair of velvet flats.

Loafers: This is a category I’ve a lot of research on. First up, these ones are very comfortable. Secondly, this British designer knows how to create the perfect loafer. Finally, you cannot go wrong with these ones.

Heels: I am incapable of walking in heels. Expect these ones which I can walk for hours in without issue.

Boots: This pair has a very slight heel that elevates it, but is still very comfortable to walk around all day in them. For a chunkier pair I would say these are the winners. The same brand makes my favorite knee high high boot.


Belt: I think this company is the absolute best and their leather belts are fantastic.

Socks: First up, these ones are very good. Secondly, these cotton socks are very durable and attractive.

Sunglasses: They are perfectly oversized and add a nice pop of glamour.

Bag: I buy all my bags from The RealReal or Fashionphile. But, when I need a bag that is big enough to hold a lot of stuff I turn to this leather one or this tote bag that always gets me compliments.












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