Fall is almost here……

I love the summer time. I really do. But lately the heat and humidity has made me want summer to go away. I want to put pants back on without uncontrollably sweating. So I did what I do when I want to dress a certain way. I made some edits of clothes that I want to wear. Ensembles that get me excited for what’s next.

For Days Tank, Boyish Denim, Jack Erwin Shoes, Yuzefi Bag, Agnes Baddoo Belt, Harris Trapper Blazer, Dorsey Necklace


Homme Girls Shirt, Hanna Fiedler Bag, Jaime Haller Shoes, Tibi Skirt, Vanna Watch, Agmes Earrings
Mita Sunglasses, Emme Parsons Belt, Veronica Beard Pants, Aera Boots, Kinn Studio Necklace, Reike Nen Bag, Akira Naka Top
All That Remains Dress, Eva Masaki Sunglasses, Yuni Buffa Shoes, Yvonne Kone Bag, Ten Wilde Earrings



Ninety Percent Tshirt, Toteme Jacket, Nisolo Belt, Zou Xou Shoes, Issue Twelve Pants, Taylor Morris Sunglasses, Sarep & Rose Bag
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