Aiayu was founded on the principle that true beauty is a reflection of an object’s integrity. Also, they redefine luxury by merging nature’s best materials with exceptional craftsmanship and simple Scandinavian design.

Aiayu’s journey began in Bolivia. Here, we were deeply inspired by the local people’s knowledge and craftsmanship with llama wool. The wool was a truly phenomenal material that was little known to outsiders. Also, we knew we had to find a way to share this unique material and legacy of craftsmanship with people around the world.

So, as they have grown over the years – to new countries and new materials –their mission has remained unchanged. Moreover, this is the mission to respect and sustain nature, its materials, and the craftspeople who have been the caretakers of these materials for generations.

Aiayu white button down
The best white shirt I have ever worn.


Aiayu lola straight silk pant
The essential silk pant
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